Whether you prefer to call it ‘down sizing’, ‘right sizing’, ‘restructuring’ or simply making redundancies, organisations continue to shed staff in an attempt to deal with the economic slowdown. For those who have to make the difficult decision of who to keep and who to let go, the importance of objective information on which to base these decisions will be all too apparent. But how many organisations have this information readily available and, if they do, it can be times like this that really lead us to question the quality of this information. We can readily rely on the usefulness of psychometric tests during selection, but they should not be used when we have information on actual job performance. In the case of redundancies we have (or at least should have) information on how employees perform and need to base our decisions on this. For our decisions to be defensible, however, they need to be based on sound objective measurement. Faced with these difficult decisions, our annual appraisal information is all too often not up to the task. Realise Potential have experience in all aspects of employee evaluation and can provide the information you need to make robust and fair decisions about your employees for any purpose. To find out how we can help you establish rigorous performance evaluations and provide objective information to support all employee decisions, please contact us.