Psychometric assessments are one of the single best predictors of job performance and success on job-related training courses. They also have extensive application for individual, team and organisational development. Capable of assessing areas including ability, aptitude, personality, motivation and team roles, they have a number of advantages over other forms of assessment including objectivity, accuracy and fairness. To realise these advantages, however, they need to be professionally developed and matched to the needs of the specific situation.

We have extensive experience of developing psychometric assessments and other objective assessment approaches for high-stakes selection. Members of our team are recognised experts in the area of psychometrics. Together with our clients, we create world-class psychometric solutions that comply with all best practice standards and significantly enhance your organisation’s people decisions. We also offer full training, validation and ongoing support, giving you the skills you need to apply psychometrics effectively and confidently.

Advantages of investing in tailored psychometrics include:

  • Working in partnership to co-create exceptional solutions tailored to your specific needs rather than relying on a ‘one-size-fits all‘ off-the-shelf solution
  • Ownership of all materials, meaning no licence or materials fees are payable after initial development
  • Flexible administration and scoring options, using traditional paper-based materials or computer / internet-based delivery
  • The development of a range of reporting options, e.g. for decision-makers, development professionals and candidates
  • Full design of all assessment components in line with your organisation’s branding