Few decisions have the potential to impact organisations in the way that recruitment does. More than anything else we can do, getting the right people on board will give an organisation the competitive edge. But too often recruitment decisions are made on limited or incomplete information, leading to less than optimal decisions that result in unfulfilled employees and organisations that fail to realise their potential.

We offer a range of services to support your organisation through the selection process. Our approaches draw on the latest research in objective assessment to help you identify the key attributes of successful employees and provide objective, fair and defensible methods to measure these. In partnership with our clients we work to define and identify talent, so ensuring you have all the necessary information to make those crucial selection decisions.

How we can help:

  • Role analysis – by taking a holistic view of the role, current organisational challenges and future strategy we identify characteristics of star performers
  • Competency frameworks – identifying the core competencies related to success and integrating these into objective selection processes
  • Competency-based interviewing – developing and conducting competency-based interviews to identify essential success-related behaviours
  • Psychometric profiling – using tests of capability, personality and motivation to provide an objective assessment of potential
  • Assessment exercises – developing bespoke exercises (e.g. presentations, analysis exercises and role plays) to reliably measure key behaviours
  • Validation – evaluating the effectiveness of selection systems and identifying which selection methods best identify star performers, allowing a re-focusing and streamlining of selection systems