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As parents, there are times when we feel our children could do with some extra help.  It could be learning a musical instrument, mastering a new swimming stroke or developing reading and writing skills.

No two parents are going to have the exact same concerns over their child’s reading and writing abilities.  As specialists in literacy, we work with you to support your child to meet his/her individual needs.

For example: 

  • Sam, aged 10, has excellent verbal skills, above average mathematical skills, but his spelling is erratic and not in line with his overall performance at school.
  • Molly, aged 9, reads fluently, but needs support understanding what she has read.
  • Ben, aged 12, is a little behind his peers in both reading and writing, and his parents are concerned that without support he will continue to fall further behind. 

If you feel your child would benefit from specialist tuition in reading and / or writing, please contact us.