Our managed assessment service allows your organisation to incorporate the power of psychometrics into your selection processes. We work with our clients to understand how psychometric assessment can complement their existing assessment activities, then provide all the support needed to make this happen.

Whether you want to use a single ability test or a comprehensive battery of tests covering capability, personality and motivation, we will support all aspects of administration, interpretation and reporting. Our feedback to you also ensures that you have clear understanding of the results, allowing you to effectively incorporate them into your selection decisions. As we are independent, we are not affiliated to any test publisher and so will always give impartial advice on which tests are most appropriate for you.

The managed service is always tailored to your requirements, but typically includes:

  • Identifying the most appropriate psychometric tools on the basis of role profiles or competency frameworks
  • Administering psychometric tests to candidates, either face-to face or online
  • Interpreting test results against an agreed role profile
  • Providing in-depth written reports to support selection and ongoing development
  • Providing written and / or verbal feedback to candidates