Competencies define the knowledge, skills and attributes necessary for successful performance in a way that can be clearly articulated to the whole organisation. Competencies are practical tools. For current employees they signal the behaviours that are expected of them, so competency frameworks can support activities such as promotion, appraisal, talent management and performance management. For recruiters, they provide a clearly defined set of behaviours to assess candidates against.

Our clients are the experts on their organisations. But this expertise may be distributed between departments or teams and in some cases unwritten or not even consciously recognised. Underpinned by an understanding of your organisation and the challenges it faces, we work to identify, clarify and refine key behaviours into a coherent competency framework – so bringing your organisation’s competencies alive.

Our competency analysis ensures:

  • You have an up-to-date framework based on a systematic and wide-ranging analysis which accurately describes key performance behaviours
  • Your competency framework looks to the future; only by understanding your organisation’s challenges and future strategy can we define the competencies you need to get there
  • In addition to defining the framework, all supporting materials (e.g. BARS – Behaviourally Anchored Ratings Scales) and training around the framework is provided, making it highly accessible to all those who need to use it