Designed for anyone who has ever wanted to know more about psychometrics whatever their profession, this 1-day workshop provides a lively and informative introduction to the topic. During the day delegates will learn about the characteristics and principles of psychometric tests and how they differ from other forms of assessment. Illustrations of how psychometrics are applied across different areas will be given, as will an introduction to the main controversies surrounding psychometric testing. Throughout the workshop the need to use tests sensitively and in accordance with best practice will be emphasised, including an explanation of the British Psychological Society’s approach to ensuring users’ competence.

Through this workshop delegates will:

  • Understand the psychometric approach to measurement and how this differs from other approaches
  • Appreciate key principles of psychometric assessment, including reliability, validity and standardisation
  • Explore how psychometrics are applied in different areas of psychology
  • Recognise the main controversies and benefits around psychometric testing
  • Have an overview of best practice in the use of psychometrics and the British Psychological Society’s approach to training test users

Introduction to Psychometrics is currently run in conjunction with Real Training and the British Psychological Society’s Learning Centre (see here for details), but can also be run in-house for any organisation seeking an introduction to the fascinating area of psychometrics. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.