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Realise Potential has been established by Angus McDonald, a Chartered Psychologist with over 15 years experience in the areas of assessment and development. We develop practical solutions to help organisations thrive through realising people potential. We take a highly relational approach to our work; we have expertise in psychology but you are the expert on your organisation. It is only through effective collaboration with you that we really get to understand the issues you face and how our knowledge and experience can help. Together we seek to co-create truly exceptional people solutions.

As psychologists we draw on a diverse yet rigorous academic background, one of the key features that differentiate us from other practitioners offering apparently similar services. Psychologists bring models and processes supported by decades of empirical research to organisational issues. They also bring the skills necessary to thoroughly and objectively evaluate their interventions, so providing feedback on their efficacy and data to further refine the techniques employed. However, whilst invaluable, this scientific approach is only half the story.

At its most basic, any organisation is just a collection of unique individuals. Science has an unnerving tendency to brush over this uniqueness, but it is only through working directly with individuals that we create the energy and commitment that really get organisations fired-up and performing. Though individual, people are also social animals and naturally tend to relate, even if not always as easily or effectively as organisations desire. Bringing unique individuals together in a constructive relational process is the ultimate challenge for all modern organisations, but requires us to embrace new views of leadership, purpose and value.

Good psychology brings both empirical, evidence-based processes and interventions that can be applied across organisations whilst embracing the individuality of each person they touch upon. It is enlightening (increasing awareness of self and others), empowering (giving control and self-worth) and rewarding (bringing greater meaning, motivation and commitment to work), and builds relationships that add unique value to organisations. By sensitively combining its twin roots in empirical research and personal understanding, Realise Potential gives organisations one of the surest paths to success.