As part of our Psychometrics for Careers and Employability Workshop, Realise Potential recommends the Graduates First practice tests for higher education.

Currently used by over 50 universities, Graduates First brings you:

  • Up to 21 highly reliable Numerical, Verbal and Logical Reasoning Tests
  • Expert Reports, ‘normed’ scoring and fully worked solutions with answers
  • Disability adjustments – increase time limits
  • Fully branded portal for a seamless process
  • Students can monitor performance using tracking graphs
  • Work Personality Questionnaire (WPQ) with report based on same model as SHL’s OPQ
  • Question Identifier Tool (QIT) – Get an understanding of the types of questions likely to come up in an interview along with how a good answer is structured
  • Full control by HECS – manage users, track usage and download data
  • Automated access for students, reducing administration time for HECS staff
  • Situational Judgement Test (SJT) with comprehensive reporting and answers
  • NEW – 4 Full Assessment Centre Exercises with Assessor marking guides (Presentation, In-tray, Group Discussion and Written)

Find out more:

Please contact us to find out more about the Graduates First assessments and combined packages covering both the Psychometrics for Careers and Employability Workshop and the Graduates First assessments.