Training must be much more than just the bland delivery of information if it is to have impact and a lasting, positive effect on behaviour. This philosophy underlies all our training, which draws on an understanding of learning to create stimulating and engaging courses, that have a lasting impact on knowledge and behaviour. In addition to our established public courses, we also offer the design and facilitation of new courses tailored to your requirements.

Through our partnership with Real Training we have developed a range of training courses in psychometrics, equipping delegates with the knowledge and skills they need to confidently use psychometric assessments. Real Training’s technology bring the advantage of offering courses as blended or distance learning options, as well as through face-to-face delivery.

How we can help:

  • Test User Ability (formerly Level A) – training in the British Psychological Society’s internationally recognised qualification in the administration, interpretation and feedback of ability tests, available as a face-to-face, blended learning or distance learning course
  • Assistant Test User (formerly Test Administration) – focussed 1-day training in administering and scoring all types of ability and personality tests
  • Introduction to Psychometrics – a 1-day course aimed at those wanting to understand more about psychometrics and their application across a range of settings
  • Developing Assessment Exercises –an introduction to exercise design for organisations wanting to introduce objective, behavioural assessment exercises into their recruitment and development activities
  • Bespoke courses – stimulating and engaging courses to support your recruitment and development activities, based on psychological learning principles