Developed in conjunction with Real Training, our Assistant Test User (formerly Test Administration) course is ideal for organisations that regularly use tests. This focused 1-day course provides delegates with all the necessary skills to effectively plan and conduct test sessions, and to score both ability and personality tests. Working under the supervision of Test User trained colleagues, Assistant Test Users can:

  • Plan test sessions
  • Make all necessary preparations prior to testing
  • Manage all aspects of the test session
  • Score completed tests
  • Manage test materials and data appropriately

During this highly practical face-to-face course, delegates will come to appreciate the key properties of psychometric tests and the different types of tests available. They will also develop practical skills in test administration and scoring, and be exposed to a range of tests of ability and personality.

Test Administration is run as a public course or can be run in-house for organisations looking to train a number of people at one time.

To find our more about the Assistant Test User course or to book your place, please visit the Real Training website by clicking here.