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Our development profiling service provides an in-depth assessment of your people to kick-start their personal development. By working with our clients to understand their requirements and development needs, we tailor a suite of objective assessment methods to provide a comprehensive understanding an individual’s capabilities and personal style.

Our services include designing and managing all aspects of the profiling assessment, integrating information according to your framework (e.g. organisational competency framework or strengths profile) and reporting results. Our extensive feedback reports act as a catalyst for raising self-awareness and identifying challenging personal development goals. They are also an ideal starting point for team development or auditing of senior teams.

Our developmental profiling offers:

In-depth objective assessment tailored to your requirements

  • Comprehensive written reports to stimulate self-awareness and the identification of development goals, coupled with verbal review of outcomes if required
  • An ideal tool to complement more subjective development approaches such as coaching
  • A sound foundation for the personal understanding necessary to build team effectiveness
  • An assessment of people due diligence for private capital investors