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Many organisational tasks crucially depend on the ability of individuals to work together effectively. However, the strengths that come with diversity can also lead to misunderstanding, divisions and conflict. These challenges become even more apparent as organisations increasingly rely on project-specific teams often working from different locations and through virtual technologies.

Teams are essentially a cluster of relationships, and it within these relationships that the main work of teams and the communication that is central to productive team behaviour takes place. Working at the relational and communication levels, we develop self-awareness in individuals and teams. Through this self-awareness we support teams to constructively harness the capabilities and energy essential for creating high-performance goal-focussed behaviour.

We can work with your teams to:

  • Appreciate the strength that comes from diversity and difference within the team members
  • Understand how structural aspects of team organisation impact on issues such as communication, goals and working practices
  • Develop a common ‘language’, so making communication positive and constructive and reducing the chances of misunderstanding
  • Create a shared vision to harness individual energy and focus it to achieve organisational goals