Assessment exercises are increasingly used as part of selection and development activities. As exercises such as presentations, role-plays and in-trays assess behaviours that are highly job-relevant, they provide a valuable addition to other forms of assessment such as application forms, interviews and psychometric tests. This 1-day course is designed for organisations wanting to know more about assessment exercises and how they can start developing their own. The day covers different types of assessment exercises, matching exercises against assessment needs, the exercise development process, developing ratings scales and applying exercises in assessment and development contexts. The course has a strong practical element with delegates designing their own assessment exercise and ratings scales, and also assessing an example exercise.

By the end of this workshop delegates will:

  • Understand what assessment exercises are and how they differ from other types of assessment
  • Be able to identify what types of assessment exercise are right for their context and how to match these against specific competencies, skills or characteristics required for a job
  • Appreciate how assessment exercises are developed to assess specific behaviours or competencies
  • Understand different options for rating respondents’ behaviours and the strengths and limitations of different methods
  • Start to develop practical skills in exercise development and using different methods to assess respondents’ behaviours

Developing Assessment Exercises can be run in-house for any organisation seeking to kick-start the development of their own assessment exercises for use in selection and development. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.